Loch Ness Water

Loch Ness.

10,000 years in the making.

Loch Ness Water is like no other bottled product. It stands proudly alone from the many other types of bottled water available due to the uniqueness of where the water is sourced. Extracted straight from the body of the world famous Loch Ness itself, our water is then filtered and handcrafted in the Highlands of Scotland. Filtered to enhance the taste experience whether served with whisky, food or alone. Available in still or sparkling both with a smooth soft texture, a clean crisp taste and with a balanced PH level.

Each bottle is steeped with the myth and history which is home to the legend Loch Ness Monster "Nessie" and is now available for you to own and drink.

How to buy Loch Ness Water

For the latest pricing and purchase information, please contact info@ness.scot.

History of Loch Ness

This water is sourced directly from the world famous body of water Loch Ness then prepared and bottled in the Scottish Highlands. Inverness, the capital city of the Highlands stands at the mouth of the River Ness which leads out of Loch Ness.

Home to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, affectionately known as ‘Nessie’, it remains as prevalent today as it has since the story of the very first sighting in 565 AD by St Columba. The Clan Grant of Glen Urquhart and Glen Moriston are associated with the Castle Urquhart which overlooks Loch Ness at the very spot where the Monster is often claimed to have been sighted.

Loch Ness (Scottish Gaelic; Loch Nis) is a deep, freshwater loch and is the largest by water volume in Scotland. Created from the last Ice Age around 10,000 years ago, It sits on the Great Glen Fault, which runs from Inverness in the north to Fort William in the south.

You can own a little piece of Loch Ness and ponder on whether Nessie has swam through your very own bottle of Loch Ness Water.